I am announcing my new project - 100 portraits...

Here's a little bit of history for the inspiration behind this project:

As you know, one of most famous facets of Andy Warhol's career was his portrait work...and he was successful in talking most of his clients into making them all the same size. There was a method to his madness that would be revealed later - he was dreaming of having a big show in which he would cover the walls with the images of all those faces. Because of his death, the show never happened...

I am planning to resurrect this idea. I am planning to do a series of portraits which will consist of two-thirds life-size faces.

Each oil on canvas portrait will be rendered as a 28" x 26" composition. I am planning to use 100 of these uniform-sized images in a large installation, which will cover all walls of the exhibition space (venue to be determined). Every participant will have to commit to bring (or ship) his or her portrait to the show and pick it up after the show closes. It will be an amazing experience to see all those faces inwardly laughing at the viewer and following him with their eyes. Or not following, as the case may be...? I have already completed 20 portraits.

I am considering naming this project A History, a Generation, a Contemporary Sampling. One of the first faces I am working on is a portrait of the 14th Dalai Lama. (I'm humbly pleased to relate that I did one earlier which has since become the most celebrated painting of his face.)

I am planning to finish this project by the end of 2012.

The project will be recapitulated in a large-format, coffee table book containing all the paintings and participants included in the show along with all additional portraits painted in the course of my career.

It will be a big show convening in a museum or large public space...

Stay tuned for further details!

Robert Johnson

Pasquale Iannetti

Joe Satriani

Oliver Glover

Emily T. Savidge

Austin L. Savidge

Paula Kirkeby

Philip Kirkeby

Sussana Dulkinys

David Terry

Denis Wanken

Douglas Yarris

Eddie Pasternack

Eleni Wanken

Franck McGrath

Kathy Knudsen

Mourine Larbo

Rubina Satriani

Zz Satriani

Glen Bucksbaum

April Bucksbaum

Carolyne Talbert

Emily Talbert

Rob Nilsson (unfinished)

Charles Hendricks

Nora Howard

Fritha Knudsen

Johny Meier

Ricki Pollykove

Celik Kayalar (unfinished)

Celik Kayalar

Piere Guidetti (unfinished)

Donna Linton

A. J.


To be continued...