The Torrents of Spring

 The haunting beauty of Turgenev's The Torrents of Spring is brought to vivid life in this edition by the elegant etchings created by Valentin Popov, a celebrated Ukrainian artist now residing in northern California. First published in 1872, The Torrents of Spring is the romantic tale of Dimitri Sanin, a young Russian who falls in love with a seductive Italian named Gemma while traveling in Europe. Passionate and impetuous, he sells his estates in order to start a new life with Gemma, but his youthful vulnerability makes him prey to a darker, destructive passion.

Popov's twenty-one sumptuous illustrations perfectly capture the style and spirit of this miniature masterpiece. Originally begun in 1983 with a grant from the Academy of Fine Art of the USSR, the etchings took approximately three years to complete and in 1988 received the Academy's Silver medal. Prized by collectors and honored by inclusion in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, they make this special edition of The Torrents of Spring a perfect gift.

We would like to gratefully acknowledge the tollowmg individuals
for their generous support in the development of this edition:

David Kiehl
Roberta Waddell
Paula Kirkeby
Savoir Faire
Mimi Ferzt Gallery
David Perry
Karen Brown
Stephen Black
Julie & Rowland Weinstein
Paul Warner

Forty-two numbered sets of this edition have been produced, with five additional Artist Proofs and three Museum Proofs. Letterpress by Leda Black, Black Swan Printing, Oakland, California on Larroque Muguet and Johannot paper. Cover is Larroque Mouchete. Text composed in Linotype Didot by Leda Black and Stephen Black. Folio etchings are printed by Valentin Popov at Smith Andersen Press, Palo Alto, California on Colombe Larroque French handmade paper. Print envelopes are Lana Ingres French paper and silk-screened by the artist. Folio box is made by Booklab, Austin, Texas. French paper supplied by Savoir Faire, Sausalito, California. This edition is designed by Stephen Black, San Rafael, California.


 IVAN TURGENEV, one of Russia's greatest writers, is also the author of Fathers and Sons, Sketches from the Hunter's Album, and Smoke, among other works. Valentin Popov has received international attention as a painter, an etcher, and an illustrator. His works are exhibited around the world and have been acclaimed by art critics in the United States, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Lithuania, Germany and Russia.

"Each image has that fabled layering of meaning so peculiarly Russian. And yet, they are very much a part of the twentieth century, capturing new, contemporary insights into the tale." - David W. Kiehl, Adjunct Curator, Prints, Whitney Museum of American Art