"Nothing", 2002

"Life", 1998

"Familiarity", 2000

"Le Colonial", 2004

All romantic cynicism paintings available in custom made prints.

Studio Print Documentation:

Artist: Valentin Popov
Title: "Le Colonial", 2004

Hand colored by the artist with oil colors and UV protective varnish by Lascaux.

Printed with HP archival pigmented ink on adhesive backed 3 mil vinyl.
Mounted on 8 aluminum panels and coated with a layer Gamblin Galkyd Light medium.

Final coat: Winsor and Newton Liquin Medium.
Printer: Franc McGrath, San Francisco, California.
Date printed: January 2004.
Size: each panel 23 x 40 1/2 inches, total print size 92 x 81 inches.
Signed and numbered by the artist in the lower right corner.

Edition: 10
8 AP
Trial Proof